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Overview of Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is a major American carrier and world’s largest low-cost carrier having headquarters in Dallas, TX (USA). Southwest operates flights to as many as 121 destinations within USA and 10 additional countries. It was formed on March, 15 1967 and at present Southwest carries more domestic passengers than any other United State’s airline.


In-flight Entertainment

 All Southwest aircrafts are equipped with Wi-Fi along with free of charge streaming live television, movies music etc. 


Southwest Airlines Frequent Flier Programme (Rapid Rewards)

Rapid Rewards is a points-based system introduced by Southwest in 2011. Points are based on ticket cost. Southwest reward members earn and redeem points based on a four-tier scale multiplier and the cost of the ticket. Good part is that there are no blackout dates, seat restrictions or expiring credits. Credit is not expired till the time the member is alive.

Baggage Policy

When it comes to baggage, Southwest is the most economical one as it offers one carry-on and two check-in bags per passenger with no route restrictions. It saves a handsome amount to passengers


Web Check in

Southwest airlines offer web check-ins for the flights. For domestic flights check in starts 24 hours prior to the flight to one hour before the flight while for international flights check-in starts 28 hours prior to the flight and closes 3 hours before the flight.


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